Sony Ericsson K750 review

Sony Ericsson K750 - one of the most important and most anxiously expected mobile phones of this year has finally hit the market. We are being offered a top-class device, which outruns most of the competition. No doubt a phone of its class naturally deserves a special review ... our is a little bit longer than usual.


Key features

  • Very high quality camera with auto focus function
  • Memory card
  • Brilliant sound quality in the MP3 player
  • Good quality display
  • New Activity menu
  • Built-in radio equipped with RDS
  • Recharge through a USB cable
  • Flashlight function

Main disadvantages

  • No EDGE
  • Display is not imbedded
  • Lower quality touch orientation on the keypad
  • Menu animation cannot be switched off
  • No standard support for USB Mass Storage
  • MP3 ring tones of average quality
  • Camera shutter sound can't be switched off (update - on some firmware versions it can be switched off)
Sony Ericsson - just like the former independent Ericsson - has never missed to prove its competency in equipping its mobile phones with the latest high-class technologies. Taking into account the reasonable prices Sony Ericsson models are usually sold at, I think they have always managed to offer the customers a little more equipment than the competition of the same category. Let me remind you of mobiles like R320, R520, T39, T68, as well as of the latest T610/T630 and K700 models. Those were phones that would worm the cockles of any technoid's heart. They did not put themselves on airs, nor did the manufacturer use bumptious marketing statements in its promoting campaigns - the phones were simply good and functional. In proportion to price and performance they often did better than the competition.

The new Sony Ericsson K750 homes into the king class of the so called manager mobile phones. Once again quite boring at first sight, the phone invites you to peep into what is hidden inside its shell. By the way, this review comes out exactly a year after the publishing of the tests of the previous K700 model.

It has been some time since Sony Ericsson K750 first hit the markets in Europe. On internet it is being offered for approximately 370 euros.

As you see, the price is not high. What's more, a notable price cut is to be expected too. The previous Sony Ericsson model K700 was launched in July last year at an official price of about 470 euros. Within a few months its price went down by 130 euros.

We are testing the marketing sample of the phone, the constructional work on which has not been carried through yet (see creaky sounds, for example).



Sony Ericsson W810 review

Sony Ericsson a few months after launching its new W810 model, released W810i. This black twin of the famous W800 model features EDGE and the main menu has undergone slight modifications. All other applications have remained untouched. The new W810 is much more about color emotions, sport spirit, and launching novelties at all costs.


Key features:

  • Fully functional MP3 player
  • Top-quality sound
  • Very good earphones enclosed in the retail package
  • Brilliant camera feat. automatic focus
  • Great display
  • EDGE Class 10
  • Built-in FM radio with RDS
  • 512 MB memory card enclosed in the retail package
  • Hot swap functionality
  • USB charging
  • Solid construction
  • Fresh redesign of the famous W800

Main disadvantages:

  • Looks a bit too plastic
  • There are no alternative color versions


EDGE in black

It did not take much time. In January 2006 Sony Ericsson announced its new model W810. This black pearl comes to satisfy all customers, for whom the orange-beige Sony Ericsson W800 was just not what they wanted. There is just one crucial change, related to the connectivity features of the device. All the rest is more or less identical to W800.

Sony Ericsson has been ignoring EDGE for quite a long time. They explained the absence of this technology in its European product line with the fact that EDGE is not popular enough in Europe. What's more, many carriers do not even have EDGE support in their networks. It seems, however, that the voices of the SE fans have been finally heard, because, as you can see, Sony Ericsson has decided to change its market philosophy and has implemented EDGE into all its new models, incl. W810.

In the summer of 2005 I was really pleased with the lively colorful body of Sony Ericsson W800. So when I first saw the official photos of the planned W810 model, I did not like it much. Today I am holding this phone in my hands and I feel obliged to confess that there is something special in it. In reality it looks far better than on the pictures. In this sense, let me recommend you something right at the start of our review: if you are thinking of buying Sony Ericsson W810, but you still have some doubts, please, go to the nearest mobile store and hold it in your hands. I am sure that once you've touched the phone, you will start to think of it in a rather different and much more positive way.
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